Causes of LCD TV problems - TV vs Source?


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Hi All,
I'm looking to upgrade my LCD TV, but before I do I want to double check that some issues I have at the moment with the picture are definitely due to the screen and not the source.

I have a Hannspree JY02-37E2, and I'm using a PC with a cheap-ish 2D graphics card, connected from DVI to the HDMI input on the TV.

The issues I'm seeing are severe 'tearing' and 'juddering' when there is a moving image on the screen. Certain speeds of horizontal or vertical movement of the image seem to make it much worse.

Unfortunately I don't have a second HDTV to test this on, but when I connect a regular TFT LCD monitor to the PC I don't see these issues (the power of the PC is more than enough to playback blu-ray comfortably).

I have tried two different graphics cards, and see the same issue with both, although neither of them are high powered or expensive.

Thanks for any input here - I'd like to now invest in a decent TV but want to make sure that my PC source is good enough to drive a decent TV :)



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