Catching bugs on AC:WW


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Oct 10, 2006
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Andover, Hampshire
How the heck do I catch bugs? I have a net, but can't even see what it is I'm meant to be catching.
I'm very confused.
Have your net equipped, when you see a bug and your stood very close, press on the bug and youll swipe and catch it. You can sell it in the shop or put it in the museum
Anything thats flying about or crawling up a tree is fair game
I can't ever see the damn things though, it is getting on my nerves.
Guess I'll have to try harder!

It is winter! they're all tucked up for the next couple of months I imagine. go build yourself a snowman instead! :D
Yes , they are scarce in winter. In summer you can't move for bugs in the trees. Of course, summer also brings the tarantula and the scorpion... :eek:
keep a look out for a moving snow ball, as it'll be being pushed by a dung beetle that the pill bug, bee and ant are the only ones around at the mo i think
Try hitting rocks with your shovel. Sometimes a pill bug or millipede (I think) will crawl out. You'll see a little black speck moving away from the rock, slowly. Swipe your net and that's it.
forgot, the Mole Cricket will still be about but they live under ground you hear them start digging and it'll come out of one of the holes, then grab him with your net
^^^Is that the sound I keep hearing in a certain place in my town but can never find a bug to catch nearby - nothing on the trees or anything? Is digging the solution? If so, anywhere in particular, or just dig a few holes?
You can try digging in the general area but dont EVER come into MR T's GARDEN and start potholing.
Mllrrprrds lrrk lrrk wllrrrzzzz.

Cheers. Zombie Dave ruled. I just regret not fully appreciating him at the time. :)
You KNOW you want a Mr T avatar like mine :rolleyes:
Rrrrrvv grrrn frrrrr zmbrrrr Drrrrv.


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