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I was just getting used the the benefits of catch up tv. It is better than having to set my HD recorder. Then since Tuesday the service has been empty. Has anyone else experienced this?


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Yes it's the same for me...I went to watch the apprentice on catch up last night as i forgot to record it and there was nothing there...!


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Sometimes content can appear up to 24 hours 'late'. The Missus was spitting blood the other day because Eastenders wasn't listed when she checked the next day it was there.

BTW the bitrate looks like it has been reduced for Catch-up TV IMO. The good lady was watching EE last night and the picture was bloody awful - mosquito noise and artefacts everywhere. It's noticeably better when watched live on BBC1. Anyone else noticing this or is it time for me ring the dreaded Customer Services people?


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I was watching Castaway on catch up and noticed the quality was definitely lower. In normal circumstances the STB looks the best quality because it is connected through the RGB scart. My HD recorder is not quite as good because it's connected via a normal scart input and I just use the default quality on a Sony HX725. However, the HD recorder quality is noticable better than catch up with scenery on Castaway.

On the subject of it being updated 24 hours later, I had noticed that. Right now I have nothing since Monday night though. I wish they would add a few more programs as the choice seems odd. Why no Match of the Day etc. Also not a thing on ITV or CH5.


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I had same in Surrey Area from Tues morning this week but wahay... its back up now. :smashin:


Looks like TV CatchUp has signed an exclusive deal with Cienen to provide VPN links to view their content from abroad (my insider tells me). They have then proceded to cut off all current VPN providers access. And Cienen have cut off all their resellers too. This has pushed up demand for these exclusive accounts, hence the $150pa price tag. Which is rich since they claim on their forums that people who have suddenly lost connection via a VPN have "been ripped off by VPN sellers granting illegal access".
Turns out that selling VPNs is not illegal. Neither is using one to view geo-restricted content - unless you rebroadcast it. What IS illegal is for TV CatchUp to rebroadcast UK-only content overseas via a partner VPN seller and then quietly split the profits with them. sells similar accounts that will allow you to see the iPlayer, ITV and C4's own catch up players at 1/3rd the price. You can also use it for US access (hulu) and Canadian access. And if you ask around in their forums, they'll e-mail you how to still view TV CatchUp through one of their less expensive accounts.


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I think we are talking at cross purposes here. The discussion is about Catch-up tv services on Virgin Media. Not about firms nicking programmes and selling them for profit on the internet. I'm wondering where ExPatDave has suddenly sprung from....!!!
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TV Catchup, for anyone wondering, basically shows most of the Freeview channels "live" on their website which is legal provided they don't actually offer a "catch up" facility ( in the manner of VM's Catch Up TV or indeed what you can watch on the BBC/ITV websites ).

I hope this adequately explains ExPatDave's misplaced post - they probably don't have VM wherever he is anyway.

TV Catchup is actually a pretty good way of watching the telly on your computer, if you ever want to do such a thing.

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