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I have been using a HTPC for a couple of years now with MediaPortal 1 installed, my OS SSD failed over the weekend so I have a new one and am just installing the OS and updates again.

I was planning on installing MediaPortal again but going for v2 this time, I thought the previous version was easy to use.

My only issue before was catch-up TV for things like iPlayer, 4oD and so on.

Is there such a thing as a Youview card which would work alongside my TBS 6280? Or is there another media player like XBMC that does PVR but also had catch up services easily accessible?

Any help/advice appreciated.


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Hello, I'm a MP1 user.

With the exception of BBC iPlayer, I found the other catch up services such awful quality (low res and ads) that I don't use them. And iPlayer works fine within the MP1 Online Videos.

I think the trick is to record anything you might want to see at the best quality available, then no need for catch up services. I do use Argus TV rather than the MP TV Engine, I prefer the scheduling options and remote access.


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Ok will look into Argus as I have seen a few references to it, does Argus sit in the background and is the engine and then MediaPortal acts as the front end?

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Yes, that how I have it. I actually have Argus running on a stand alone PC acting as a server, then MP1 on a number of devices throughout the house, connected to TV's.

The Argus Scheduler can then run on any other windows device to 'remote in' to the Argus TV server to fiddle with settings and schedules etc..


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XBMC user here: don't forget you can install XBMC and use Argus or MP as a TV engine so you can watch live and record. There's also a nice iPlayer addon but I don't think 4OD is available unfortunately. If you're curious and have time, worth installing Kodi anyway to see if you like it.


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Don't forget the the MediaPortal Online Videos plugin will allow you to setup a "recording" directory for online content. Instead of hitting OK to play a stream, press the record button on your remote. It will then download the stream and remove any DRM, so you can keep it forever.

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