Question Catch-up TV services - how to access?


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Jan 13, 2007
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hi all,

It's been a while since, I've been here, but we have recently changed TV suppliers, and everything seems so complicated! I appear to have turned into one of those old people who can't turn the TV on and have to get the kids to sort it out for me! (I'm only 41 so this is ridiculous, I should be able to work a TV)

Anyway. We have swapped from Sky to Virgin for cost reasons, but I have basically only watched about 5 hours of TV in the last three months because I can't find what I want!

In total we have - Virgin (pretty much everything except sports I think), Netflix, Amazon Prime, and we have a Samsung smart TV that does some stuff on its own (no idea what) and a Wii U that you can watch Amazon and you tube on the TV on (apparently).

I only really want to watch BBC, channel 4 and Drama (maybe a bit of discovery occasionally). But I can't access more than a week of iplayer or catch-up on Virgin. Is there anyway to get this stuff on any of the other subscriptions I have?

We don't have freeview, and we don't have an aerial connection that works, but we do have the old sky satellite and associated cables.

Any advice would be very welcome so my husband doesn't have to watch any more Silent Witness or Frasier (because that's all I've managed to record so far!!).
BBC has a policy of allowing lots of the more recent programmes to only be available for a limited period of time. All4 has a lot more of the stuff that might be of interest, but again, some of the more recent stuff won't hang around for long. Same on UKTV Play, I think. Netflix will have some of the stuff that's aired on the BBC, for example, but you may have to wait for it to surface.

Personally, I do find some of these policies odd, but I guess that it comes down to a mixture of rights, and that they want you to buy something rather than stream it for free.


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