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The true story of Frank Abagnale is fascinating and to be honest pretty unbelievable. Perfect fodder therefore, for a movie. Abagnale claims to have impersonated everything from doctors to airline pilots, conned millions of dollars from banks around the world and flown over a million miles for free, deadheading as a pilot from Pan Am. We need to scroll back to the late 60’s and early 70’s to when Abagnale was just a teenager for the start of his career. His first “mark” was his own father, after he fixed a scam whereby he “bought” tyres and other car parts on his father’s fuel card and then persuaded the garage mechanics to give him the cash and keep the parts in exchange. Very soon he was cashing dud cheques and adopting false identities including the infamous Pan Am pilot to pull off more and more audacious crimes. Once caught, he still did not give up, escaping from custody twice, once by leaping from a moving jet liner and again by...

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Jim Di Griz

Distinguished Member
Good review and pretty much exactly what I thought of this one. I watched it again not too long ago (not on Blu-ray) and it certainly kept me watching but didn't stand out in any way. I agree - it does feel rushed towards the end.

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