CAT6 wiring to patch panel person / help required


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Hello all

The house CAT6 wiring is all done. Now all that needs to happen is to wire all the CAT6 cables to the following patch panel:

Patch Panel Cat6 Cat 6 RJ45 19 inch Rack Mountable 24 port - PP-CAT6-24 - kenable for HDMI Optical TOS Network Ethernet RJ45 Scart Audio Phono Jack USB Firewire 800 ADSL Cable Leads

(I have two panels to connect).

However, the electrician (who is very good) hasn´t done this before. Does anyone know anyone in North London I can call to do this for me i.e. connect CAt6 wiring to these patch panels? I know it might not take that long for an expert but currently my wife and I are running around and don´t have the time to do this so would appreciate it if there´s an easy tool/recommended person who may be able to help.


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The tool you need is a Krone punch down tool, There are 2 wiring standards so ensure that it is consistent (T-568A or T-568B). Sorry I am not from London so I don't know who can install it. I just followed a guide on YouTube when I did mine. It took me about 30 mins to do a 24 port patch panel (first time).


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Who terminated the far end of the cable? Doing the patch panel end is just the same as doing the modules at the far end.

Also, the £8 tester mentioned above will not be a proper Cat5/5e/6 tester. These cheap devices will test continuity and wire position but not the full range of tests needed for Cat5/5e/6 certification. These testers cost hundreds, if not thousands (ours was £2k+). Don't let that put you off doing it yourself however. There's plenty of info on the net and posts/suggestions above cover off most of it.

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