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Cat6 recommendations


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I'm looking for advice please when planning on how best to run adsl and CAT6 cables around our new house. It's a 4 year old new build so I don't have carte blanche to go back to plaster or anything like that so whatever I do must be wife friendly.

Current questions are:

  • if I run a 20m length of phone cable out of the bedroom master socket, under floorboards and terminate in study, will I get signal degredation? Can anyone recommend a decent cable?
  • Any recommendations on reasonably priced and good quality CAT6 cable (potentially run outside the house so weather proof)? Are there any particular types to look for/not look for (copper?)?
  • How easy is CAT6 to crimp, any recommended tools please?
  • I'm thinking I may be able to drop a cable down the wall void from upstairs to downstairs with minimal damage from locating holes through the existing plasterboard - or is this not a realistic aim?
  • Any recomendations for faceplates?
Thanks for your help

Joe Fernand

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External grade CAT6 - is expensive and none to flexible, possibly plan containment for the section which needs to go external.

CAT6 - we use Black Box GigaTrue with matching RJ45 plugs (they have crimp tools too).

In-wall - only if you are very lucky will it be that simple, you are bound to hit some 'dwangs' and you then need some knowledge/correct tools to minimise disruption of the walls.

Faceplates - are you running IP or HD video/audio or both over the CAT cabling.

Installer - have you considered calling in a Pro to run the cables.



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Hi Joe,

Haven't really thought about an installer, mainly because I'm quite fussy and don't want to risk any damage an installer may make - I'd rather do it myself and take the time to keep disruption to a minimum.

Having said that I can think of better things to be doing with my time, do you have any ideas on ballpark costs, the job would be broken down as:
  • installing new phone outlet socket in study, under floor from master bedroom via about 15m of hallway (haven't lifted carpets to see direction of joists, obstructions etc)
  • running CAT 6 from study location to 3 locations - 1 upstairs (same route as phone cable), 2 downstairs (1 partial same route then either external or internal down wall to lounge) and 1 to other side of house, again potential for external or down into integrated garage and into kitchen under units to outlet point
Do you have any thoughts on the phone issue? I spoke to a Plusnet engineer when we first moved and he said to plug directly into master socket for the best internet speed but I'm proposing running from the new oultet in the study? Do I need shielded/special cabling for optimum speed?


Joe Fernand

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Installer - :) the good guys should be in/out without making any mess and will minimise the intrusion into the walls/amount of redecorating required.

Costs - vary widely across the UK. A two man crew may cost £250/day in one city and two or three times that in another. The array of tools you need to make a tidy job can far outweigh the cost of a decent install team. We have folk we can put you in touch with in most areas.

Phones - not my thing, we have specialists to look after networks and phone systems.


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