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Hi Guys, thought i would start a new thread, as i do have some specific questions which i can't seem to find with the search function.

Anyway, Girlfriend and i will hopefully be moving into our first house in the next month, which does NEED alot of work, including all the old "lat & plaster" ripping off the walls and new boarding putting on.

Last night while lay in bed, and Being the techy / gadgety person that i am, thought about networking all the rooms with some Cat5e like my current house is, cause i really don't like wireless. After hours of reading up and being late getting up for work, i was pulled in by how big the scene actually has grown for this - HD TV, DAB, Networks, Light control etc wired into each room! WOW! I love it.

So, having read all this, knowing we'll have our own place soon, and wantig MORE, i have a few (maybe alot) of questions:

Idea is to have internet, hdtv, dab, telephone & music in each room. I want to be able to stream media from MY PC all over the house, so the plan is to run a switch from my Study (Small 3rd room upstairs) to all the other rooms in the house (excluding bathroom which won't need phone or internet)

Questions are:

CAT6 or CAT6a?
- How much can you get a 500m roll for?
- UTP or STP?

Do i need to use Coax AND also CAT5? (For phones and TV)

How many runs to each room and what cables?
- I'm thinking 6 x CAT6 to the living room & dining room, maybe less to the kitchen?

Can i just buy, let's say a 48-port switch, put this in a rack, and connect ALL CAT6 cables into it?

Patch & Wall panels or just directly into the components?

I'm sorry to be a bit brief on questions, but there will be more to come once i've thought about it.

If someone could give me a rough guide to items that i would need, where from and how much, that would be GREAT.

Thanks to everyone who reads.



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For data networking (and voice) in the home use either Cat5E or Cat6 UTP. Cat5E does 1Gb to 100m, Cat 6 does the same plus 10Gb to 30m or 35m but note 10G over copper is mainly proper data centre stuff and nowhere near ready for use in the home and certainly not affordable yet. Cat6a will do 10Gb to 100m and very expensive so deffo not needed in the home.

Use solid cored cable with faceplates/modules in the rooms and a patch panel in a central location that you are wiring back to. By short ready made patch leadsto connect to devices.

Wire your ADSL or Cable router back to the patch panel too. If ADSL than you can cable the BT socket back to the central point too.

Your switch (or switches) only needs to be big enough to accommodate the number of live, or planned, devices not the number of cables.

For HDMI over Cat5/6 baluns (note this is not HDMI over Ethernet/IP) then use solid Cat6 cable but terminated to plugs, not a patch panel. This gives a more reliable solution according to this forum. You'll need two cables per balun/link.


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Where you’re looking to distribute the HDMI Output of a Source device(s) to multiple locations you ideally want 2 x CAT6 from the central rack/cupboard to each Zone – with no breaks in the cable run between the Output of the Source, Matrix Switch, Distribution Amp etc. and the required In-room/zone Receiver.

You can also achive a low cost IR network using the same cables that carry the HDMI signal.

4x8 HDMI Ethernet Cat 5/6 Matrix switch. 3D support. Route 4 HD video sources to 8 HD displays. Switch 65,536 combinations over HDMI or Cat 5/6 Ethernet cables


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