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Hi everyone
I am a complete novice with all this so I need help, I'm building a house and it is being tracked for wiring, now I'm a builder so all that is 2nd nature to me but I want to future proof my new house for speakers in in ceilings downstairs, and then have it multi room, along with tv multi room for 7 zones including a cinema room
I have had a guy in to give me a price, but problem is I will not be able to view or hear the equipment he is recommending to sell and put together for me, I have seen the control4 working in his house and it looks amazing,
I need to pull cat6 to every room 2 each and 3 coaxial, he is talking a bout using a dune had media player and a matrix to run the system, ( I can post up all the equipment spec if needed)
My question is is 2 cat6 enough to each tv point, as is 3 coaxial? And what type of speaker cable should I use?

I am waiting on prices from different av specialist and I really need to get the cat6 pulled through and coaxial and might have to without there advice? Any help is much app!!

Home Cinema
1.00 Projector- Epson TW 6000 3D 1080p
1.00 Screen- 2.27M wide 16:9 electric
3.00 Wall mount speakers Paradigm 6.5" PV160 Square 2.00 Ceiling speakers Paradigm PV160 round
1.00 Sub woofer Paradigm Cine Sub
1.00 Denon 5.1 amplifier AVR 1611
1.00 HC300 c/w remote
0.00 DVD player integration DVD player supplied by 1.00 AMC X86 6 Zone 8 source A/V matrix
1.00 HC800
1.00 Dune HD media player with integration
1.00 16 port gigabyte switch
1.00 Router
1.00 IPad site license
0.00 Sky Freeview integration equipment supplied by 4.00 Wireless acess points (to be spread around the 0.00 Kitchen
2.00 Ceiling speaker pair

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