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After many reason for not being able to start running data cable, the time has come where i can. Got some cat5e network cable at a very very cheap price. Just want to make sure it is ok to use before i run it all around my house.

This info is for the cable taken off the krone website

A crucial component of ADC KRONE's impedance matched TrueNet® structured cabling solution. This cable guarantees Category 5e performance. TrueNet® LSZH horizontal cable is available in standard 305m boxes and 1000m reels and has a fire-rating of IEC 60332-1.
  • Product Description: Cable Horizontal Category 5e LSZH, UTP 305m Reelex, Orange
  • Product Number: TN5ETZ1-ORMI
  • Application: Horizontal Cabling
  • Length: 305m
  • Colour: orange
I will be running 2 data cables to each tv point(furture proof), 2 Coax cables to each tv point. Some points will also have VGA and usb cable to them (kitchen touch screen), Each room will also have 2 extra data cables for telephone and internet.

HDMI run from Node zero, to lounge tv, About 5m.

Can anyone think of anything i may have over looked.




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Plan :)

Rewiring is a great thing to do but it's kinda a one time only thing you can do so once you've settled all the furniture in, plastered and painted etc you can't really do it again if you suddenly say "dang, i wish i added X".

A few years ago I did a similiar thing and the only thing I forgot was a headphone wire from the amp in the attic to into the lounge.


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that cable should be perfect.

Put in more than you think you will need as adding more later will be impossible



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While there is nothing wrong with your plans today, unless you plan on moving, it is likely you will end up recabling.

I was an early adopter, way before Cat5 and HDMI, but I had the good sense to run conduit and cable tray throughout the house.

I am now on my third recable, and have managed to do it with little more than lifting a few floorboards.

If you have the chance, I would worry about running conduit and trays, and then just pull the cabling as you need it.


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