Cat5(e) Video Extenders - any experiences/any good?


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I'm currently in the process of running unshielded Cat5e from my kitchen to my lounge, ~40m of cable in total. Basically I'm thinking of using a Cat5e-based video extender to connect the component output (720p) from my HTPC in the lounge to an LCD in my kitchen. This won't be an unbroken length of cable, it'll be patch-cable, socket, solid-cable, socket, patch-cable - albeit all done neatly with a Krone tool. No switches/hubs will be involved though, obviously :).

The Lindy one here looks reasonable enough, in terms of brand/price:

I'm not interested in audio support at all, as my HTPC is connected to my lounge Amp with additional speakers already connected up in the kitchen. However, a "stretch goal" would be something that includes remote support in order to avoid me using a separate solution for this (either wireless or coax based) - this doesn't seem to exist though (or, at least, I can't find it) so I'm not too worried about that.

Anyone with any direct experience of these Cat5 based video extenders, or just suggestions in general? I'm not after drop-dead quality here, just a clean display so I can view my HTPC output on the kitchen display for Media Center purposes.


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No users of these extenders out there to give a thumbs up/down/views?

It's struck me that I might as well just try using my wired-in ethernet cabling for "straight" component without any sort of extenders first - I suspect that this will give crappy results, but it won't cost much to try (two homemade ethernet->component RCA leads) and you never know...

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Ahhh...interesting. Bit more expensive than the Lindy ones for a pair, but I notice that they actually advertise support for analogue audio (Lindy mentions digital, which wouldn't be any good for me, unless they implicitly support analogue).

Audio delay isn't something I'd factored in - as my kitchen speakers are wired to the "B" front outputs of my amp in the lounge, with the "A" outputs in the lounge itself, there's no delay I could stick-in amp-wise that wouldn't equally impact the lounge set-up. Having said that, this will mostly be used for viewing the Media Center so that I can select music from the kitchen, so no issue there...

What's your view of them?

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