CAT5/6 and Speaker Cables Outdoors


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I've just bought a new ish 3 story house, it is only 3 years old doesn’t have any structured cabling. The lounge is on the ground floor and guest and master bedrooms in the two stories above. I can guarantee it is going to be impossible to drop cables down the cavity so I'm planning on going through the wall to the outside and protecting the cables somehow. Luckily the exterior wall on that side isn't really visible as it is between houses and there is a fence blocking the view from the front.

I'm thinking of using some sort of trunking outside to protect the cables and using quad banana plug face plates for my front/rear speakers and dual sat for my HD. I'm also thinking of putting CAT6 in and running direct component connections upto the bedrooms to my LCD panel from the component output on my HD box, keeping HDMI for my pana. Using CAT6 modular face plates and CAT 6 fly leeds to connect everything up.

Has anyone got any views about what trunking to use, where to get such face plates and using CAT 6 without any baluns to transfer component video?

Lots of questions so any help appreciated! If this is the wong forum please tell me.

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If you can clip the cables well enough externally, I'd consider just running external/waterproof Cat5e or Cat6 cabling. Weather proof trunking sounds expensive and fiddly to me!

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