cat urine smell


anyone know how i get rid of cat urine from the carpet as it stinks :|


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Even after getting the carpet professionally cleaned, the smell can linger. Unfortunately I'm speaking from experience.


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an enzyme cleaner(medical or janitorial) which can sometimes be bought from the vet/pet centre.
we bought one years ago from tesco, of all places, after a recommendation about its performance, which was for blood,etc, and it worked a treat,removing the smell from a deep pile carpet.

we also got the cat castrated too, its spray is mostly urine,and that can stink the house out also(my wife's coat on the kitchen chairs was a target once, and after the cat sprayed it it stank to high heaven), and the dry cleaners told us about the enzyme cleaners.


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Pressurised steam cleaner.
Cheapo ones only about £20.

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Our cat has just had flutd ,and started peeing every where ,we just used water with dissolved washing powder tablets ,peel the carpet back ,did the floorboards threw the underlay away ,layed a new piece of underlay and then cleaned the carpet with the water, no more smell .
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biological washing powder, we tried everything under the sun to get rid of the smell of dog pee on our hall carpet, as a last resort we mixed up biological persil with hot water and added it to the vax, gave it a good going over to make sure it reached all the way through the carpet to the underlay, 2 months later and the smell is still gone.


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As I have an obviously uncultured nose I have to ask the following - How can you determine it was cat pee? Does cat pee smell different to other animals pee?


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I have this problem at the moment too Grrrrrrrrrrrr:mad:
one of our cats P'd in our daughters bedroom, i have tried the carpet cleaner and the smell went for a couple of days but its back again now :mad:


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Bicarb of soda left for a day then vaccum.


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