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cat proof


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does anyone know what are the risks of a 32" lcd falling over if an average sized cat jumps onto it? i could wall mount it but i thought it would be easier to change cables with the tv on the stand. has anyone else had this problem? :rolleyes:


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That does really depend on the cat in question, i mean what is the weight age & size of the cat, & also the size of its feet. Once all these dimensins are known, a more realistice answer can be attained, but without these, its really just guesswork im afraid.


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they are about seven years old


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You need some sort of table top mount.

I've seen stands that are screwed into the table.


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I was worried about that happening too! But so far my cat hasn't touched it... fingers crossed she doesn either!


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You'll probably find that the cat won't try to jump on it, as they're so thin, but Sony models have a hole in their base so they can be attached to the unit itself to stop them getting knocked over.

I don't know what model you're considering, but if the Philips 32PF9830 is anything like the 37" the thing is so heavy there's no way a cat could knock it over. (metal casing and a glass and metal stand with a big motor in it)

Smiffy 2

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We've got three cats and six months after getting an LCD I can safely say that not one of them has even attempted to jump up at it.
As somebody else has said, these TV's are so thin I think even our stoopid cats have worked out they couldn't fit on one.
And believe me they are stoopid
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Tyson looks like he's mostly hair so i wouldn't worry there, unless he decides to sharpen his claws. Sooty on the other hand looks like he's had an extra helping of felix so i'd watch it with this one. us black cats gota stick together


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tyson is actually the heavy one :) and sooty is quite light, the photos are quite deceptive because they are both very furry. may they wont jump on it after all. the base is actually quite sturdy but the tv seems to rock back and forward a bit. it's an le32r41.

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