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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by encaser, Aug 18, 2002.

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    It's getting a re-push release this month.
    I really like this film for the era it was made and the style that went along with it. John Heard is on course, as ever, as the tempted young man by the fatal charms of the innocent Natassja Kinski. Whilst Malcolm McDowell plays her brother, in his usual no-gooder role, and flounces about lusting for her with allusions to his gradiose cat people super-species being better than mere human fodder. Even Ed Begley Jr. also gets to play the sap who, boy oh boy, suffers. Oh and Annette O'Toole co's as the potential oppostition to Kinski's 'legitimate' desires - see the former in the pool scene, oh mama :eek:
    The erotic overtones in this film work and are, moreover, daring in the stories centre-point of a races reproduction by incest alone. It has much to offer with elements of fear, horror and the potential danger of erotic/sexual instinctual drives over and above common sense. It suggestively questions the subtext of how we treat others/animals and subjugate what we can whether we want to or not; out of varying reasoning from pleasure, to im/moral thought drives and onto survival instincts and there abandonment.
    cd-wow are doing it for £9.99 and it has the extras in place.

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