Cat 6 powered hdmi cable extender grainy picture


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Hi everyone so the set up I am running is as follows:
Matrix 4x4
Cat6 ext tx
Patch panel
Cat 6 (20m max)
Cat 6 rx
Output device

I’m getting this grainy effect on screen weather I go direct to via cable extender or through the patch panel (I cut a wire out of the patch panel so there were no breaks in the cable). Now if I run a cable on it’s own (not one that is in the walls and floors the noise reduces to almost acceptable not perfect but the odd spec here and there I can live with.

Got multiple cat 6 running to each output, all tested and all the same, have tried on other screens with different cable extenders, can anyone point me in the direction of the cause to the graininess.

More expensive cable extenders req?

Am open to all options and ideas.

Thanks In advance :)


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