Cat 6 cabling - worth it ?


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Easter break is almost upon us and I'm half planning on doing some network installation.

House is "wiFi" which is great for typing this on my laptop whilst watching the Premiership (too little too late for Leeds ?).

However, I'm setting up a media server upstairs and want to provide access to films/music/Nebula to a couple of rooms downstairs and sending those 1's and 0's through the air just doesn't cut it.

I've updated my main HTPC recently with an ASUS p4p800del and it has Gig Lan. I've seen some argument recently in these threads about whether Gig is worth it but I thought I may as well future proof myself .

The issue is - should I install CAT 6 cable or is it complete overkill ?
Will Cat 5 be more than enough or will Cat 6 be worth the extra outlay (I estimate it will cost me about £75 more taking account of what I intend to install.)


(oh dear Mr Viduka - that was silly :nono: - just what your team needed)


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I've just upgraded our office hub to Gigabit, and we're on quite old CAT5 cabling. Our newest PCs, based on Asus P4C800E- Deluxe mobos (with onboard gigabit) are perfectly happy as far as I can tell, as is the gigabit LAN card on the server.

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Is CAT6 (or CAT7) worth it?

Well in my big book of standards, I see no reference to CAT6 or CAT7 or CAT5e or anything like that.

Cisco don't recognise CAT5 nor do the other major network vendors.

So what does this tell us?

Well CAT5 to be CAT5 has to meet a certain standard.

Anything higher could be anything as it is purely a way to get more money out of you.

So you only need CAT5 but remember that not only is not all cable made equal (you get what you pay for), but the quality of connections makes all the difference. Bodge the crimping and you can affect the overall performance.

Take your time, do it right and if you are lifting floor boards, feeding through walls etc, you might want to consider sticking a bit of fibre in there while you are at it just in case you need it in the future.


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Cheers guys - I'll stick to good quality Cat 5 (or should that be 5e? - what's the difference).

Any recommendations for decent cable/supplier - seems to vary £50 - £100 for 300m.


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hi there, I would stick with CAT5 for sending audio/video and use CAT5/CAT6 etc... purely for data.



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Make sure that it's CAT 5e, not the plain of CAT 5.

Just to left you know, that not only will Gigabit Ethernet work over CAT5e, but also 10 Gigabit. I also read somewhere (but can't find it at the monemt) that 100 Gigabit is being developed for copper that will run on CAT 5e installs. Fiber will generally be always too expensive.


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