Cat 6 cable run alongside electrical. shielded? Solid?


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Hi All

I`m wanting to run a cat6 cable along with power cables inside 10mm trunking, it has to do this way because its solid concrete floors and walls and the trunking is the only means of running a network cable.
Firstly , Is this safe?
If its not, would wireless be an option? Its for media streaming 1080p from a PC to a downstairs TV , distance of about 15ftp through a solid concrete floor.

If its ok to put the network cables in the trunking, Any ideas what would be the best type of cable to use to prevent interference? I was thinking of having wall sockets put in and they suggest solid cables for this but do they also come shielded? I need 15m and the array of different cables is kind of confusing to a newbie like me.

Thanks alot
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Pretty sure it's against building regs (or some electrical regs or something) to run mains in the same conduit as network?
If there's really no other way of getting network cable down there, then Powerline networking maybe?


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Buy a smaller trunking that is capable of holding the amount of required Ethernet cables and can fit inside your 10mm trunking. This is called compartmentalising and is perfectly acceptable.

If not. Buy bigger trunking to suit.


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ok thanks, i have an electrician working on the house this week so will check with him.
But having tested my apple tv wireless capabilities i may just stick with that. Seems to work fine without a cable.

niall campbell

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Buy FTP cable from Amazon. Cheap as chips and screened.

Buy them with the ends on it , fit a blank plate and push through

UTP is unscreened


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It's not against any regs. You can run CAT5 or CAT6 alongside mains as long as it's shielded. The shielding has to be terminated into shielded sockets. And you need to use a network cable on at least one end.

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ok thanks for the responses. So if i need to run it into sockets do i need to use a solid core cable, and are they screened? If someone could point me in the right direction it would be really helpful, theres such a variety of cables.

Any of these , any good?
Cat 6A Cable 30m Brand Rex 10gplus Solid Blade Cord Violet Patch Cable | eBay

30M Ethernet Cable / CAT6 Network Lead / Screened: Electronics


Just buy the Amazon one !! You dont need to spend a lot of money.

I just put a single wall socket on wall with a BLANK faceplate. Drill a hole through the faceplate and push cable through. Then silicon the faceplate.

Cable choice is a marketing ploy in a lot of cases to make serious profits

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