Cat 5e/Cat 6? Rennovation from scratch


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Forgive the basic question but my technical knowledge is limitted!

I am rewiring from scratch to include a data/TV distribution system in my house.

I have the option of Cat 5e or Cat 6 in the rewire and was wondering what people would recommend.

The TV distribution is not too complicated and involves only one other HD room linked to the Skybox (the other rooms being SD), but I clearly only have one chance at this and want to ensure I'm future proofed as much as possible.

So the question is whether its worth going Cat 6 for such a simple system or sticking with Cat 5e for ease of wiring and budget?

Many thanks for any help.


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For home use and up to 1 gig network then use CAT5.
My whole network is CAT 5 and 1 gig and has no problems.


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Cat5e is specified for Gigabit Ethernet up to 90 metres so is fine for data.
Cat6 is worth considering for HDMI etc..

Trollslayer, why do you insist on saying it's 90m, when it is 100m (90m plus 2x 5m for patch leads)?

I agree about Cat5E being fine for Gigabit Ethernet and using Cat6/6a for HDMI over Catx distribution.
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just put any in all will work get the cheapest


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jammyb2004 said:
^^ this, it's just like the con on HDMI cables!

For Ethernet data that is true, not the case for HDMI baluns - the cheapest Cat5e is CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) rather than solid copper and this does not perform as well in non-data applications.

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When carrying HDMI over Twisted Pair cables CAT6 (UTP) or CAT6 (screened) is best.

Where possible plan your ‘HDMI’ network such that you avoid wall plates etc. and have direct connections between the RJ-45 ports on your HDMI Hub/Matrix and the RJ-45 ports on the In-room receivers.



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I'm in the same situation but I have already done the wire runs for 3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, man pad and pantry (this is where all the av kits is located). But I have run 3xcat5, will the cat5 be ok for the balums and and hdmi matrix?


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