Cat 5 or Cat 6 / Stranded or Solid? What's best for speaker cables

Tyler Durden

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I am moving house and am soon going to be setting up my HC in a new room.:thumbsup: Looking at doing all the speaker cable runs using network cable.

With all the different types available I just wondered what the best stuff to use would be.

Thanks for any help.


I'll move this to cabling for you as you might get more response :)


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I prefere using solid core stuff for ease of stripping, I have made a few sets up of differing CAT5 types (multistrand, solid, PVC, Teflon Plenum etc) all sound identical to these ears. Check out posts by Knightshade the chap loves multistrand. There is only one hard n fast rule :

Gotta be cheap !!!, or else the design premise has failed !!! :smashin:
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