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I've been trying to decide which of the three consoles to buy for a while now, and still I can't decide......

I'm not a huge gamer but have been in the past. The last console I owned was a dreamcast.

All three consoles have games I'd like to play.

PS2 - Pro Evo
Gamecube - Rogue Leader, Zelda, Fzero etc....

and I'm attracted to the Xbox because it will feature superior versions of the multi-platform games like FIFA 2003 and Tony Hawks 4. I've never liked settling for imperfections.

A PS2 would probably suite me but two things put me off. a) I think it's far too expensive considering the other two consoles. b) Are the graphics going to be superior than those I had on my Dreamcast 3 years ago?

The Gamecube looks an attractive option and I'd like to play rogue leader more than any other game. It's cheap and small but what is the online support like. I know PS2 and Xbox have online services comming in 2003 but does the gamecube? I'd like to at least have the option to participate in online gaming. And as boots are doing 20% off I could get a Gamecube + Rogue Leader for £135 which seems a really good deal. As does the Xbox 2 game deal.




No offence mate, but this question seems to be asked at least once a day as probably loads of people on here will confirm :)

Your best bet is to do a search the forum - There is a *ton* of information.

Personally, I'd say go with the console that has the *most* amount of games that you like. Don't let price become an issue because there's really not that much difference and you'll regret it *big time* if you end up stuck with a console that you don't like later on.

PS2 will be better than Dreamcast technically, but the Dreamcast is still a very good console. Maybe you could just stick with that and buy some games cheap on E-Bay or somewhere similar. Why waste the cash if you're only a casual gamer?

GameCube will have online support - I believe Nintendo of America are selling the broadband adaptors as we speak.

But ultimately, especially if you're only a casual gamer, look at the games.


What you will get is a few reasonable answers like D39's followed by a tirade of foul abuse against GC and (especially) Xbox by PS2 Fanboys.

Personally I would get the Xbox but then I like FPS and driving games. PS2 probably has most variety but is poorest value and most out-dated and GC is great value with some great games. I'm sure the Ps2 will not dissapoint if you go for it. It may not be technically as powerful as the others but they have learnt how to maximise it now so the games are good.

Why not try a few in games shops and Currys etc before buying. The fact is that they are all good value now. I may buy a Ps2 next year just for Tomb Raider.



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One of the biggest benefits of the PS2 is its huge back-catalogue and the fact that you can get many games for less than £20 (or even £10).

Also consider whether DVD playing ability is a factor for you - if it is then obviously that rules the Cube out.

And also look and see what games are coming out in the future that you might really want - it would be unfortunate if you bought (for example) an X-Box and then found out that a new game you would have loved has come out on the Cube or Ps2.


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Ill try to be impartial here as i have all three.

You say you would like the GC for Rogue Leader. It is a great game but the fun doesnt last too long, i still go and have a quick ten minute bash on it quite a lot, but its definatley not great enough reason to get the GC, Mario, is a very good game, as is resident evil.

Ps2 lots of games, and more good uns coming soon, but IMO the games get very old very quickly, and is the console i use least. (apart from tony hawks 3 which i love)

Xbox like the GC isnt really there with the games yet, Both the Xbox and GC had some decent games on release but havent really had many good since. Playing Hitman on xbox at the moment and its very good. Once again it looks like some good stuff is coming soon, but im yet to see it.

Not going to tell you which to go for because its pointless, just opinion, and causes a row.

Just saying that out of the three i use the cube most.


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just to say Geezer has got it spot on, I have all three and the only one that is getting any play at the monement is the GC.

there are not that many games being released on the cube but there seems to be enough, specially if you are a casual gamer.

Some people moan about the lack of releases on the cube but since I have had mine there has always been at least one game that I have been playing on it. do you really need anymore than that ??

from release I have played the following, Waverace, luigi mansion, biohazard, tony hawk, monkey ball, pikmin, rogue leader, eternal darkness, mario sunshine and now starfox adventures.
and to be honest because there are not 3 titles that i want being released every week I am actualy playing these games through to the end, somthing that I have not done on xbox or ps2, with the exception of ICO on ps2.

If you only buy 1 or sometimes 2 titles a month then the GC is a great machine.

If you want a machine to wow your friends with graphically buy an Xbox.There are some good games for it and looks lie there may be some excellent titles on the way, but by the time there here the Xbox may be £99 and you may be able to pick a secondhand one up for 2/3's of that price.

If you want a huge software library buy a PS2, but how many of the games do you really want out of that huge library ? if there are a dozen games you are itching to play then it is worth it.

And as far as graphics go don't expect a massive jump over the DC with any of these consoles, anyway its the gameplay that counts. my snes gets more hours spent on it than any of the newer machines, says it all really.


Yeah, I agree. I have had my Xbox for two months and have only got Halo, PGR and just recently DOA3, although that is more for when the mates come round than solo playing. The first two have engrossed me since I got it and I have plenty of play left in them. On my wish list are CMR3 (coming tomorrow), Munch (ordered), Splinter Cell, Sega 2002, Unreal, Medal of Honour, Time Splitters, Quantum redshift and Hitman2.

I think that lot will keep me going for at least a year by which time there will be some more top games out.

The point is that you don't need 300 games to make the console good. You can get a month solid out of most and then go back to them later. Having too many in one go just means you don't enjoy them all to the full.

The moral of this story is, as others have said, choose a few games that you will love and get the console that they are on.



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Again I am oner with all 3, and have many many games for all 3, and it has been a joy to read a fanboy less tirade (if you want that go and ask your first question again!!)

ANYWAY, I do play a lot of Xbox over anything else, if only because most of the AAA ie Timesplitters 2 and THPSkater 4 etc come out on all 3 consoles. And Xbox usually has th ebetter graphics.

If you are a casual gamer you will probably want to play games everyone is playing so you are probably best with PS2! As that is what the majority have and it has GTA vice City!!! BUT, PS2's decent games need a lot of attention. Whereas say Nintendo games have got a very good pick up and play for half an hour and put away feel!!!!

It is up to you, but no matter what you buy other games will come out console specific, and you will miss out on them.

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