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Feb 5, 2003
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With all the chat about it in the Baiten Kaitos thread I thought i was about time it had its own thread, anyway heres my review

9/10 get it know you fools :)
CrispyXUK said:
9/10 get it know you fools :)

It'll be my first purchase when I get a DS (well joint first with Nintendogs!)
Definately deserves its own thread. I finally got around to playing it last night and I loved it but then I am slightly biased towards anything Castlevania :D

Hopefully it doesn't turn out as easy as Aria of Sorrow because to be frank it made the game seem very short just being able to fly though it Something like Circle of the Moon would be decent difficulty wise but I'm not far in so it's hard to judge just yet.

Oh and Crispy, are there any decent soundtracks in it later in the game??
Yeah the soundtracks get great towards the end, well depending on which ending you get too :)

Then theres the other game you get after :)
Another upsidedown castle by any chance? (just a guess..)

I hate having too many games to play on and no time, can't someone give me a winning lottery ticket so I don't have to work!
Nope, think Super Castlevania IV
I read on Gamefaqs that if you start a new game with Aria of Sorrow in the GBA port you start with Rare Ring in your inventory but I've tried this with no luck, has anyone else got it to work?

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