Castles and BT 33 Brackets


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Well Well,

I have had an excellent evening (NOT).

I have screwed the BT33 brackets on to the back of my new Castle Compacts, drilled 3 holes and screwed the bracket to the wall. Guess what the bracket has snapped and the speaker fell to the floor from about three feet.

I dont know whats going on at Castle but Id thought that these brackets where never gonna hold the speakers but I trusted them and thought they must have tried the brackets for themselves - mind you they sent the same bracket for the centre and that was twice as heavy as the sats.

1) Presumably I can send the brackets back and get my money back.

2) Im also presuming I should be able to send the speaker back too.

Anyone else got experience of the Compacts and the BTECH BT33 Speaker Brackets.

Anyone got any ideas on what a god solutin will be for hanging the speakers.



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I know this post was a long time ago but just to report that exactly the same thing happened to me around December 2004. Wish I had seen your post first! Fortunately no damage done, the speaker fell onto carpet.

I wrote and complained to both Castle and the bracket manufacturer, not a peep back from either of them.


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I also wrote to the companies involved and was asked by Castle to send the brackets to them so that they could check them out and they would give me my £35 back for the brackets. Subsequently I have heard nothing and didnt get any money back. That was well over a year ago.

I eventually played safe and bought some AVF brackets from B and Q.

Decent speakers S***E amateurish company to deal with - when you ring them they sound like a one man and a dog outfit.

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