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Hi there!

I have some news: I bought the nice Azur cd player and stereo amplifier (both 640). Now I am breaking them in, and I will finish this in a couple of days.
I bought them after listening them with Triangle and Opera (the italian) speakers (bookshelf). I was very impressed, and I actually liked them more than the Myryad Z series, which was not clear enough in the high freqs.
I had a problem with the guy that wanted to sell me the Opera minimonitors second hand, but he finally accepted my price: 400 euros. the point is that my dealer, who was the intermediate between us, doesn't get anything in that case. So I didn't like much the deal, because my dealer was always very helpful and was able to find the sound that really suits me, and I told him to offer me something in the same price range (or even up to 600 euro, which was the first price the operas were asked for), that could convince me more than the operas. It is not an easy task, since he had already chosen the operas to do so... But he came out with the idea of Castle speakers. I think he has in mind the little Richmond 3. He proposed me to go to the shop and make a comparison of both, with the Azur electronics. I will do that some day this week, but I would like to have already some hint about it, to know if I am doing right or not.
I know the amp and cd player was a good deal, they sound terrific. Now comes the moment of the speaker choice.
Some other people also recommended me Vienna Acoustics Haydn or Dynaudio Audience 42/52. And what about the Titus? I don't know if they would be a good option...
What do you think about it?
Thanks, and sorry for the lengthy intro...

Edit: I will soon post my opinions about the Azur range in the proper forum (which one, btw?)

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Thus far the 640 bits have been very favourably reviewed combined with;
Monitor Audio Bronze B2
Mordaunt Short 914 (540A)
Focal JM Lab Chorus 716 (CD only)
PMC DB1 (Amp only)
They will be with the Epos M5 next month.
The long and the short of it is, is that most sensible impendance speakers seem to work fine (I really know at heart that I shouldn't be suggesting you audition any more speakers) but the best I've heard them sound have been with.
Triangle Titus (with the French distributors)
Mordaunt Short MS914
Epos M5 (a superlative loudspeaker and one that pairs beautifully)
If you're in a small room, the NHT SB1 is a honey as well.


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Hi Tons of Fun!
Thanks for the answer. Well, my dealer also sells Triangle, so that could be possible. Just a remark... He claims that the "old" or "classic" series of CA were working very well with the Triangle, but the new Azur doesn't so good. Do you have experience in that?
The truth is that I auditioned the Azur with Triangle Horizon (small brothers of Titus) and the sound was too edgy, bright... This was cured with the Opera Mini, and I actually felt a more precise bass... Anyway, I can always go and audition again, once I am spending about 1500 euro in his shop, he can be a little bit more (even) patient. Anyway, I will try to find info about the speakers you suggest, and also search for a dealer in my region.

Ed Selley

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If the Azur units and the Titus isn't completely run in, then yes, it will be rather harsh. Cabling is an issue here- don't use silver anniversary or suchlike. All this applies to the MS914's as well. Ideal cable seems to be Van Den Hul or Precious Metals- we'll be trying a Mark Grant analogue interconnect as soon as I get the petty cash to order one!


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Hi again. I got some advice saying that I should also consider the two following:

Vienna Acoustics Haydn
Dynaudio Audience 52/42

Do you think it is worth to try? They are also more expensive than the Titus... Would it be a kind of overkill? I don't want to get so good speakers that will make me think about upgrading the amp and player I have just purchased.
I know where I could try to get a couple of Dyns to demo them at home, maybe there is also some dealer around who has the Haydn... My amp and cd player are already quite run-in, so I think I could make some critical listening...

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