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This maybe a daft question, so I apologise beforehand.

The Castle Compact sats are rated at 70 watts - does that mean I would have to use an amp that has less power than that so I dont blow them up.

My amp at the mo is 90 watts per channel but I was about to buy a Denon 3803 which I think is rated at 105 watts per channel. Am I gonna have problems.

Should the speakers always have a higher rating than the amp - is there a rule of thumb.



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Chris, if anything it should be the other way round: there's nothing wrong with using an amp which is rated higher than your speakers, in fact in general terms most speakers will perform better as the amp is less likely to "clip" which is the main cause for damaging speakers.

The only other comment I would make is to take manufacturer's specs with a pinch of salt: you'll find that with all channels driven, the true output of the Denon 3803 drops drastically as it can't cope with the simulatneous demands - not sure what the exact figures are for the denon but I read somewhere it was a significant drop.

Back to your original question... (and no it's not a daft question) ...the castle compacts should be fine with the Denon 3803 (assuming they are 8ohm speakers).


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Thanks Smurfin,

The sats are 8 ohm and the centre is 6 ohm. Is there a problem with the 6 ohm centre.

What is this ohm business all about.

At the moment I have a Yamaha 795a which is 8 ohms and 85 W per channel - I will be using this for a couple of weeks - do you think I will have any problems by using the Yamaha.



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Lower Ohm speakers draw more current from the amp and are therefore more demanding of it. 6 Ohms will be fine on the Denon.


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I have wired up the front three speakers with the CAT 5 cabling that I have seen on here. Two pieces of CAT 5 cable were braided and setup as advised.

Turned the YAMAHA 795a upto a quarter of the way on the volume dial and it wasnt very loud at all. When I turned it up any further the amp kept turning itself off.

Will it be the cable.

The amp not powerful enough which I cant believe - I have been driving 4 Tannoy M3's and a Tannoy MC for 4 years and a quarter on the dial was very loud.

Any help would be grateful.

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