Casting from phone - Then the phone randomly starts playing.


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Just would like to know if this is just me, or possibly, just some bug that everyone experiences.

I go to play a podcast from my phone to another device using the Casting method.
It might be to a Google Home device, or to my HiFi with a Chromecast attached.

This works fine. I select which device I wish to cast to, and start to play the podcast.

Then, at any time, it could be, after 2 mins, 15 mins, 45 mins, the phone will itself start to play the same podcast a few seconds adrift from the casted version which is still playing.

I then have to go to the phone, and pause this, which stops the podcast on the phone, but the casted version carries on as normal.

The casted version is unaffected by any of this, it's just the phone seems to decide I should also play it, at some random point.

I'm using Googles own podcast app, so perhaps it's a bug in that?
Before I experimented more, I thought I'd ask here to see if it's just one of those things that happens, or whether it's just me?

Thanks for any feedback :)


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I suspect Mobile brand and model needed.

Nexus 6

I'm trying a different podcast app. Castbox, as opposed to Googles own podcast software to see if this makes any difference.

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