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Does anyone have any info or solution this? I can cast Spotify connect with subscription to my hifi powered speakers via a device called 'Gramafon' via wifi (it's a poor man's Sonos). It's not made anymore but works and I can control it from my phone or ipad. Gramafon doesn't work with Apple Music so I'm looking for a cheapish audio caster for Apple Music that works via wifi and not bluetooth. Google used to make a Chromecast audio but it's now discontinued and I don't even know if Apple Music is/was supported. Wondering if the Google Chromecast for TV app device would work with an audio adapter cable (hdmi to mini jack) or if anyone knows of another solution. Will have to upgrade to a much better hifi system eventually but need a cheapish solution right now.


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Hi all. I’m in conversation with Apple about this issue but thought I’d ask your opinion... anyone else have this problem (usually only audible when listening at normal (not quiet) levels.

Audible electrical clicking sound with Apple Music at the very very start of the track using AE2 plugged into Rega Ellicit-R with Chord 3.5 to RCA.

All ios devices- even Macs, tried on 2 amplifiers- happens on both, only occurs when sending via Wi-fi to airport express 2, note: error doesn’t occur with Spotify. Happens regardless of whether track is downloaded, streamed, owned ( even deleted and re-downloaded/ added to library ) as well as videos when the audio is sent via AirPlay.

Only happens when a track is started (ie at 00:00 seconds), re-started or chosen but not when an album or playlist naturally moves to the next track. Error doesn’t occur when pausing and un-pausing.

Error not present when sending Apple Music via Bluetooth, or if plugged into amp via cable. Also not present when sending audio to TV via Apple TV or HomePods.

I don’t own another AP2 in which to determine if that is at fault but suspect that can’t be the sole culprit as Spotify doesn’t create this electric popping sound when streaming via Airplay.

Any ideas? Thanks, Simon.

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