Cast Away with Tom Hanks - out in UK 29 Sept on DVD

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by rjh39, Sep 1, 2001.

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    Just read the editors review here on the above DVD, boy did HE miss the point of the film.!!!!

    The film was about being a human being alone, not knowing if or for how long he had to live, and how to keep sane being alone for soo long - why the filmwas slow and long -da!!.

    The advertising [he moans about] was a way of saying how us humans 'live for' this crap, and how it is IN our daily lives pointing out - it was NOT advertising the product or comaont at all, but trying to TELL US something about the way we live soo superficially.

    If he likes Robinson C film better of perhaps he really did miss the WHOLE point of the film, and perhaps he should change his job and only comment on kids films.

    Guess this just went clear over his head.

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