Cash Back ? What's the catch?



Dear All (I'm a newbie)
Did a search but couldn't find the answer so sorry if it's already been posted

I'm looking to get a Razor V3 to replace the rubbish phone work has given me. I was lookin on ebay to buy a second hand one and put my works sim in the phone...HOWEVER they go from £60 upwards and then looked around for contract deals...
On they have a deal on orange.. free Razor V3 and cash back offers..This would mean a nil monthly tarif at the end of the 12months...

I was wondering ...What's the catch :confused: :confused:
also...Can I just use my works Sim and thus not use any minutes etc :confused:

:lease: help

Many Thanks in advance


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There is no catch as long as you abide by the t&c's ie get the right bills to them within the specified period.


they just hope you wont fill in the forms on time and send them back to claim the cashback, and also partly that you will spend more money on non inclusive numbers, texts, etc.

i hear some of the companies send you the claim form each month you have to claim and you only get a week or two to send everything back, so you have to be on the ball about it, and if you make the slightest mistake your screwed


Cheers for the advice...
Sounds like I'll go for it..

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I suppose if I put my work sim card in and post the cash back forms off...I get a phone for free !!

:clap: :clap: :clap:


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unless your work sim is on the same network you will have to get the phone unlocked


It's not but I presume it's not that impossible??

Any links :confused: :confused: :confused:


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The wife and I used e2save and have claimed nearly all our cashback. I have to say i've found them really good. They only sent half of mine once, I emailed them, they apologised, 5 days later another cheque arrived.

The key is to send everything recorded delivery as I suspect this would be a good get out clause for them.

Another tip is to login into the site when your phones arrive as it details the exact bills you need to send them.

Hope this helps.



If you keep on top of your stuff then your sorted and cashback is the deal for you

however, if you forget sometimes and are very busy you will probably forget to claim, you are the person the cashback companies are loking to deal with

they bank on only some of there customers claiming back there cash

thats why theres loads of T's and C's and short time frames

and watch out for over night operations some set up and sell a few K deals and then leave without a trace


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Hello wazzab1,

Like everyone mentioned, no catch. Just make sure you remember. What I do is number every bill I get, so when I'm filing my bills away I know I've reached month 6, 9, or whatever months you have to request you cash back.
I've bought 2 phones from phones2udirect on 12 month free line rental. Their Terms and conditions state they should receive my request for cahsback within 2 weeks of my bill. If I fail to provide them with that all info my cahsback for that month and the rest afterwards are VOID!

I usually mark on my bill, writ eon my calendar (usually on my phone) and always send it special/recorded delivery so they have to sign for it.

If your work sim is Orange it'll work no prob. If not, just get it unlocked.

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