Case wanted, is VFD really useful?


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Im looking at getting a full height case,i really like the silvertech LC16M. Is the VFD really worth the extra money, what can be displayed on it?.
I also want a remote control, it needs to control MCE and also my TV, amp etc. Is the silvertech remote any good or should i go for a univeral (logitech harmony).
So do i buy a standard case and fit a VFD and then use a universal remote?:confused:


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The VFD is quite handy, particularly whilst watching a long program, it displays the total length of the program and how far into it you have watched, e.g. 32:16 / 2:12:11. It also looks quite cool! I have mine separate to my case though, which is an option. I also use a Logitech Harmony remote - it is very good, I would recommend it.
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Obviously the text is small so if you're eyesight is poor or you're some distance from the unit it's a bit unnecessary.


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Lisa, which VFD and software do you use ?

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