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Case Cooling Options


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Hi all,

Looking for a spot of advise (newbie post!).

Having just purchased a Cooloermaster Scout case and Coolermaster Modular 500W power supply, I need to quieten things down a little.

I have initially transferred my old mATX MB and gubbins across to the new case prior to investing in a new i3 setup in the next month or so.

The case fans are connected straight through to the power supply via molex connectors, and are therefore running at full speed!

What are my options to get them running slower? CPU temperature is only 28 degrees C, and I'd rather it ran hotter with less noise from the case.

The MB is from an ASUS barebones case, and without going home to check, I can't say if it has any fan headers on the board.

Will a 5.25in bay cooling gadget allow my fans to be connected by the molex connectors, and adjust fan speed accoring to case temp?

Thanks in advance.



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I'd go for a good Fan Controller such as the Scythe Kaze or Sunbeam Rheobus to help keep those fans quiet whilst still maintaining the cooling in your case.

The airflow in the Scout is pretty good anyway. If your budget isn't too tight then go for some replacement fans such as Noctua or Sharkoon to help save on the noise. Noctua's aren't pretty but they're probably one of the best fans available for shifting air, whilst running quietly.


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Thanks for the reply.

I'm still a little confused though! How would I connect the Storm fans up to the new fan controlling panel? And would the LED switch still work on the top panel? I like the idea of being able to have them on or off.

Do these panels come with a variety of adaptors to cope with the fact that my fans are wired up as molex connectors?

Again, huge thanks for any help.



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I would suggest you get yourself a decent 6 channel fan controller such as the Zalman ZM-MFC1 Chilled PC, Water Cooling, Modding - One stop shop for all your Watercooling and PC Modding You will also need some 4 pin molex to 3 pin molex adapters as the controller has 3 pin connections.

Chilled PC, Water Cooling, Modding - One stop shop for all your Watercooling and PC Modding

If you want to keep the case tidy of cables then you will probably need some 3 pin molex male to 3 pin molex female cable extenders as well.

Chilled PC, Water Cooling, Modding - One stop shop for all your Watercooling and PC Modding

I wouldn't worry about getting the "Sunbeam Rheobus" as this is overkill for your needs, unless you plan on running a couple of these off each channel


Another option might be these, you can also get them as a 7v option or tinternet will have guides on how to do this yourself

(12V) - (5V) Reducer Cable [12-7VRC] from Watercooling UK WatercoolingUK


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Many thanks PartyGirl, so I guess I have a few options.

1) Fan controller, and keep my original fans.

2) Voltage reducing cables, keeping original fans.

3) New fans that are naturally slower (I guess have the voltage reduction built in!)

Or combinations of the above.

The more I look at the websites (Chilled PC, Scan etc), the more I feel the need to make everything very neat with nice with cable ties etc, and perish the thought, even pimp my PC. Never thought I would want to, it just seems to be taking over!

To that end, if I used a fan controller, (not sure if the fancy touch screen ones are any good!) I presume I would loose the LED lighting from the fans. Has anyone re-used the switch on top of a CM Storm case for anything else? Another lighting circuit for example?!




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Another question for the experienced out there. I have had a look at the AKASA All-In-One unit that appears to be a fan controller and card reader amongst other things. Is it any good? Could I hook it up to the three fans in my case? (5 if I put the 2 extras in the window?!?)



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