Cartridge Height set up - Gemini PT-2000


I’ve recently acquired a Gemini PT-2000 – it’s just for listening to records, and I’m not that fussy about sound quality etc, as long as it’s decent and works correctly.

The whole thing needs some TLC (cosmetic) which I’ll do, but I’m preparing all the details I need to set up the balance, stylus pressure etc.

I’ve read through the manual for this deck which has some nice clear instructions on what to do – but I’ve come to a point where I’m not sure what specification my cartridge is to adjust the cartridge height setting.

I’m probably doing this completely wrong, but in the manual there is a reference table to set the cartridge scale against the cartridge height.

I’ve read this is usually measured from the tip of the stylus to the top of the cartridge.

I’m counting about 12mm, but the table only shows between 15mm-21mm.

Can anyone help to work out the correct cartridge height for my set up?


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BT Bob

Distinguished Member
It's hard to see clearly but I think you should be measuring to the point the cartridge rests against the underside of the headshell - which I think looks like the gold-coloured bit above your top green line - so nearer the 3 cm mark - bringing the height to nearer 16mm.

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