Cartridge Cases from Extreme Prejudice & Resident Evil


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I am doing some research and am trying to determine if some items (9mm Cartridge Cases) from the movies Extreme Prejudice and Resident Evil exist, perhaps in someone's collection or in a display or????

Two of the cartridges cases show up as crime scene evidence in the movie Extreme Prejudice. These are the ones below with base markings (headstamps) "43 BRM" and "51 9MM".

The other headstamp "Umbrella 9mm" never actually showed up in the movie Resident Evil, but appeared in a trailer for the movie.

If you have any further information on these items, particularly if you know where they are or were, please let me know. Any help or recommendations appreciated.

Does anyone know of similar items (in 9mm) from other movies. There is a 9mm cartridge along with ammunition boxes featured in Lethal Weapon 3 which I have the details on, but am interested in learning of any others.

Many thanks for the help.




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