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Cartridge alignment and protractor help needed

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by ollie501, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. ollie501

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    Jul 14, 2003
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    Dorset, UK

    I have a Project II Debut Turntable, which was supplied with a two point cartridge alignment protractor. I have put 2 links below to pictures of the supplied bits. Problem is, I have NO idea what to do with them. All the websites I have visited have very in depth descriptions on aligning cartridges, usually with expensive protactors.
    Ideally I would like a site that shows me with simple pics, what to do with the bits I have. Can anyone explain or point me in the direction of some *simple* pics, explaining how to it - I would be very grateful. The cartridge *looks* slightly out of alignment, and I can pretty much work out from the poor instructions that it needs to be 25 degrees from the tonearm. That's as far as I get!

    Any help VERY gratefully received.



    Protractor 1
    Protractor 2
  2. RickB


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    Cant help with a web link that shows simple instructions - but its usually fairly easy to explain: -

    The hole in the alignment protractors is intended to be fitted over the centre spindle of the platter (i.e. stick the hole over the bit where the centre of the record goes).

    Once fitted - the intention is to use the protractors to gauge the location and angle of the cartridge. Turn the platter with the protractor on it until it is roughly at the same point at which the needle from the arm touches the record. At which point move the arm (with the cartridge fitted) over to the platter (switched off obviously) make sure that the needle touches the centre dot in the 25 degrees section. At which point use the lines either side of the dot to line up the cartridge to ensure it is aligned correctly.

    Once your happy that the cartridge is aligned with the two lines - tighten up the bolts.

    All that remains is for you to make sure the downforce and bias weights are correct and off you go.

    Hope this helps - its a bit generic but its been a while since I worked at a hifi dealership.


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