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I've been using a very old turntable for some time now (from the 50s) and at long last am taking the jump into the modern world by getting a proper setup. For the turntable I'm going with the Project RPM5 and I need a little advise on the cartridge. Here comes the n00b question...

I had been thinking of using an Ortofon 2M Red, but I also intend to occasionally listen to 78s. Knowing this I then wondered if I might be better off using one of Ortofon's OM series of cartridges since they also sell a stylus specifically designed for use with 78s that will fit the OM's. My main question is around setup. When swapping out the stylus would I have to go through the entire process of re-balancing and aligning everything - or does that only need to be done during the cartridge installation. Also, am I taking a major major hit on sound quality with an OM over a 2M Red?



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If you are going to listen to standard 33-1/3rd LP and 78's, then you need a separate cartridge for each. This is no one size fits all, at least, not any more.

One simple solution is to find a turntable that has removable cartridge heads. Keep on cartridge mounted on one head, and the other on the other, these can be swapped out very easily.

The alternative, is to find a cartridge that has a removable stylus, and also a replacement stylus that will play 78's.

The Ortofon OM10 is about the same price as the 2M Red, if you truly can find a 78 stylus for that, then that might be an option.

Also, both GoldRing and Grado made replacement stylus in a 78 version for certain models of their cartridges.

So, assuming you are sure you can find a cartridge that has easily replaceable Stylus, and that you can also find a 78 stylus for that same model, then, yes, you are on the right path.

Just my personal option though, for a roughly £550 turntable, I think you need a cartridge more in the £150 to £350 range. I would consider an £80 cartridge for a turntable priced at about £150 to £300. Still, a roughly £80 is still reasonably good.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.



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Ok, so if I used this cartridge: ORTOFON OM10 MOVING MAGNET CARTRIDGE (P MOUNT) - available from Superfi UK Visit for details

and also had this stylus: ORTOFON STYLUS 78 - available from Superfi UK Visit for details

I could simply swap the stylus out when I switch from 33/45 to 78s without having to do any realigning, balancing etc, ie swap the stylus and play?

Get your point about the quality of pairing cartridge & stylus and it is a real concern but also trying to be somewhat pragmatic. While I could have opted for a much simpler to use, more 'automatic' type of turntable I am really drawn to the RPM5 and at the same time want to make the using of it as simple as I can. If I have the ability to easily swap things around I know I'm more likely to listen to all of my collection.
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