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Okay, cards on the table... I have been a background surfer for a number of years and listen to most of the weekly podcasts but its time to stand up and ask for some guidance / tips / ideas / free kit from sponsors :) etc.

I have been inspired by some of the long posts posted here spanning many months during construction and may well do the same here.

My current situation is that we have received planning permission and now contracted a builder to start in September to construct an extension to the back and side of our property - the wife refused to move and I wanted a cinema room... so we both won.

The cinema room will be a dedicated media room circa 5m wide x 7.5m long. As it will be at the front of the extension then there will be three windows but i will be adding blinds and probably curtains to try to get it as much as a bat cave as possible. I am having the room acoustically lined on three walls which I hope stops the noise penetrating into the adjacent rooms.

So lets start the first round of questions around the hardware and a couple of technical suggestions.

I know I shouldn't have but in my eagerness, i have been buying hardware over the last twelve months, some is currently in use elsewhere in the house but it will be transferred in the media room when constructed, this includes:

- Marantz 8200 receiver
- JVC x7900 projector
- Kef speakers - 2 x R700's, 2 x R300's, 1 R600c centre and a R400b subwoofer. I also bought 4 Kef CI160's ceiling speakers
- for the screen I have a Euroscreen 16:9 135 inch React 3.0
- Qnap 1277 NAS for plex
- Sky Q - mini (not sure I will move the 2TB box instead but I guess Sky would need to rerun the coax if I do that)

so where do I need help....

Well, i intend to go at least 7.2.4 and need some advise on :

1 - Should I put the R300's at the side or as rears and if so what would you recommend for the other pair?

2 - I don't think the sub will not cut it in a room this big so I suspect I will need to upscale or at least put in a second sub, I am contemplating selling the R400b and looking at 2 x SB4000's (in the future) - thoughts welcome...

3 - Re the screen, i used projector centrals windows app and believe I need to position the projector around 5-5.5m in front of the screen which is fine, but with all the football on I couldn't resist to take it out of the box to try it and wow, its a new world looking at a projection this big but my surprise was the heat it gave off on the bulb fan - Any suggestions on if I should put a ceiling passive vent straight above the projector mount or a forced air fan - not sure if this should blow on to the back of the projector or suck out of the room into the loft near the vent on the projector... again suggestions welcome

by the way, I will not be aiming to put a couch in the room, this is only for visual, I am probably going to look at a combinations of single recliners and love seat recliners over two rows.

4 - I also bought a 47u rack to go into the coms room - hint for those thinking of a 47U - don't its too big and I guess I will need to ask the joiner to construct the coms room around the rack! - why don't suppliers put the height of the rack including the castors in their drawings.... Now I have decided to put in a full Unifi system and have most of this ready to install. I intend running 6A cables everywhere so will ideally be looking at hardware connections on all the media gear. However I have thought of a problem - with the doors closed - which remote control system would you recommend? - I would love a control 4 system or similar but an not considering it due to perceived cost, however I would also think about a smart-things type hub / android tablet option or another reasonable solution

I will leave the questions at this point and see what responses I get. I would like to post a second session around lighting recommendations etc next...

Thanks for you all you input...


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(Slightly biased as I am a Control4 dealer!) but Control4 doesn't have to be that expensive, and you can always start with one room and add to it as you go along to get a full home automation system, rather than something like Harmony which would be a collection of single room systems (if that makes sense?).

That said, I am a big fan of Harmony remotes and had one for a few years before getting into C4. Super-easy to program and very good build quality.

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