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Right this will be a long shot but here goes....

my son (3) loves cars 2 - he's obsessed. i had the cars 2 game for the xbox 360 and it was actually pretty good. it got sold with the console when i switched to become a pc gamer. ever since then (around 2 months) i have tried to find info on this game so i can buy it for pc but I cant find it anywhere (except ebay for £20).

Does anyone have this game or better still is looking to sell it?
if anyone has experience of it i would be grateful to know whether it supports the 360 controller for windows as he can use that amazingly well.


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I don't think the pc version got a UK retail (disc) release and the only place I've seen it available for d/l is Direct2Drive....but it ain't cheap :eek:

Cars 2: The Video Game Download | Buy Cars 2: The Video Game from D2D

I seem to remember it being quite a bit less (sub £10 I think) a few months back when they were doing a driving games promo so maybe worth keeping an eye on their Xmas sale on the off chance.

Not sure about 360 pad support.

I was in the same boat with my kids but ended up buying Sega vs Sonic Allstars racing instead for 3-4 quid in a D2D sale and it's a very good wee game (lots of old Sega characters & themed levels too) and has pad support too :thumbsup:
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i will look for sonic as he played that on the ipad and enjoyed it. i am not quite prepared to pay £25 for cars 2 but that is definitely the game he would like

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