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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 28th November 2011.
Cars 2 is Pixar’s latest CG adventure and despite being a critical failure remains a commercial success, proving that Pixar still have the golden touch with to regard their movies. The film itself plays more like one of Mater’s ‘tall tales’; it puts the character up front as he becomes embroiled in an espionage threat to discredit an new alternative fuel to the back drop of a World Grand Prix that spans the globe bringing competitors for the four quarters to compete to establish who is the overall best racer. Whilst it contains many of the core values that make up a Pixar movie, namely friendship, forgiveness, being true to oneself etc. these play very much second fiddle to the main story thrust of a ‘fish out of water’ slapstick comedy that is Mater’s predicament. And in side-lining the emotional core, and, indeed, never giving it a fully rounded emotional pay off, the film fails to really engage and thus becomes rather mediocre. Comparing this to any of Pixar’s previous efforts it clearly falls short even if it was made with good intentions and Pixar’s own trademark enthusiasm and wit. Let’s hope this is a single bump in the road.

The same cannot be said for the 3D Blu-ray package which boasts a stunning 3D picture, probably the best I’ve yet witnessed, which is fully immersive and absorbing, couple that with a terrific 7.1 surround track that adds immeasurably to the visuals and you have an awesome AV set. Unfortunately the extras package, whilst it looks impressive, contains little indepth information, save the commentary, and is spread out into bitty features, plus the menu is somewhat clunky, which does let the side down a bit, but it does come with a 2D version and digital copy making this a definite future proof buy.

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Does the 2D BD version also have a 7.1 surround mix?

I'm expecting my rental copy in the post shortly ... can't wait!


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Yup, same track :smashin:

Strange. I watched it last night and only got 6.1 displaying, yet I was set-up and calibrated ready-to-go at 7.1.

It was a discrete ES 6.1 Mix with my 2 rear surrounds sharing the same channel as the front centre.

I'm sure on the set-up menu, there was no alternate option ... unless I'm missing something?

EDIT: all sorted, the sound mix can be changed within the LANGUAGES menu.
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