Carry On Camcorder -how the heckers do i blur background..


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Hoping to goodness someone with better knowledge than I can answer in simply laymans' terms.

Camcorder, had em' for years - never really understood the whole shutter speeds etc etc

My camcorder ( which i hate btw ) is panasonic VXF1 4k. Now, 4k seems to not work in a lot of settings but hey ho!

I want to interview some poor soul, i want the background all blurred. ( I have tried in editing/ i can get blurred edges in editing ), but i want incamera.

So....using examples..i can focus on something and, turn the ring and blurs it...but the f-stop or whatever ...i dunno..I just want the proper way of doing it.

Years back i remember, turning a knob on my camera and i can focus on thing and quite easily focus on the next. This camera - automatic seems very slow to find focus..and to fiddle with the knob and not keep camera steady is impossible...

Thoughts welcome ( im aware parts of this message sound very Carry On! )


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It’s not easy to blur the background “in camera” with a small sensor. The way to achieve it is to ensure as much distance between your subject and the background. Then you need to have the camera positioned far enough away that you have to use quite a bit of zoom to frame the subject. The more you zoom, the greater the blur effect. This will require trial and error as you don’t want to be so far away from your subject that you are a long way off.

You should lock your aperture at the widest setting that the zoom setting will allow (the cameras maximum aperture will decrease as the lens is zoomed). wider apertures give a more blurred effect.

You will also require an external microphone positioned close to the subject to capture decent audio, especially as you need to move the camera further away from the subject to get sufficient distance to achieve the blurred background.

if you really can’t be bothered about all this, place the subject in a controlled location where you have a completely neutral background (such as a plain wall) with nothing else in shot. Voila! No blur setup required!


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Or change your VXF1 for a DSLR.

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