Carpeting garage conversion walls ??


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I've been doing a fair bit of reading in terms of getting the best sound quality out of my kit in when I move it all into my new garage conversion (which is virtually finished :D)

From what I can gather the easiest / cheapest way to kill sound reflections is basically carpet the walls to the height of the top of the speakers, is this correct ?

My room has not been put together to 'look nice', in fact I've painted it the darkest blue I could find (very inky blue):eek:, so I don't want to buy expensive carpet. Next question then, can I get away with cheap non-wool carpet without a deep pile and still benefit from no reflected sound ? Only I've found some that's really cheap and a very dark blue colour.

And finally, how the hell do you carpet walls ??!

All help gratefully accepted. :smashin:

Peter Parker

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I found cheap foam backed, short pile carpet worked well in my room and it cost me around £35. It's an unknown quantity with regards to acoustic performance so we've no real idea what frequencies are passing through, being reflected or absorbed, but I was pleased with the improvement in made in my room with respect to slap echo.

I used thick wallpaper paste so that it can be relatively easy to remove at a later date using a steamer. Size the walls with the paste first and let it soak in, and then paste the carpet before applying it to the wall. you may need to use some pins or something to stop it slipping unless you have some dado rail or similar to finish the edge off with as well as hold the top of it in place.



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Ah, DADO..... I knew that god awful stuff must have a genuine and valid use :rotfl:

What about height up the wall, is it basically to the top of the speakers ?

Peter Parker

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I seem to remember the recommended level being to just above ear height (when seated), so that's roughly where mine is carpeted up to, so that should be just above the speakers. The screen wall should be entirely 'dead' as well, so you can carpet from floor to ceiling there. I would use black carpet there though - Carpet Right do a cheap charcoal black (very dark grey) carpet for around £1.99 a square foot IIRC.


Peter Parker

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You can do (same height as the side walls) and it will visually match the sides, but the seats often do a similar job of absorption so you may not gain much by doing it. I didn't and it seemed fine for me, but your room might be different. It's easy enough to add it later if you decide not to do it now though.



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I also used Gary's suggestions for carpet in my cinema room. I was planning to use dado rail to finish the edges of the carpet, but in the end I found a moulding called staff bead which I used instead:


I stuck it on the wall with the left edge in the picture against the wall, this allowed the carpet to be tucked under the overhang, giving a nice straight visible edge.
This is what it looks like in my room:


We had already painted the bare plaster before sticking the carpet on to stop the paste soaking in, and as Gary says just a thick paste mix works well, and we had no problems with it not staying in place once it was all flattened against the wall.



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Further developments,......

Had a carpet fitter, who is a good friend of my father-in-law, round earlier this evening to measure up and give me a quote for sorting the room and he had an interesting suggestion.

He's going to carpet the floor as normal but we are not having skirting boards. For the walls, he's going to have some thin plywood panels cut to size, bond the carpet to them then wrap the edges around the back of the plywood. He'll then screw the panels to the walls. The result should look good and will be very easily reversible. He say's he's used the technique a number of times for play rooms, snooker rooms etc.

He's only going to charge me £60 labour, to make the panels, fit the carpet and fit the panels for a nice intergrated 'floor into wall' look.

And he's going to do it next week while I'm on the beach in spain :D:D:D

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