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Hi All,

I have been using Carma to try and sort out my speaker and sub setup. first a question, in carma, should I be using the sub(DTS) or the sub(pcm) in the carma modes to calibrate my subwoofer?

I have been using the sub(dts) one. It shows I have a massive dip around 50hz. My sub amp has a 5 channel PEQ, so I thought I could just put the eq values that I use in Carma into the sub amp peq. I try to smooth out most of the lare dips and spikes etc. My problem is, when I put these values into my sub amp and do a measurement in Carma I get the orginal curve back again.

Does this mean that my Subamp is not doing any EQ? I tried it with Audessy on and off in my receiver.

Thanks for any help.


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the same happens if I use the sub(pcm) surely I should be getting a different curve everytime I make changes to the EQ? It's not happening here, which leads me to believe that the XTZ Sub Amp is not doing anything.

edit:- Actually, the XTZ PEQ is doing something. I can store different profiles. When I switch from a default profile to one I created using Carma, the difference is amazing. The sound is so much better,

but yet if I measure both profiles in carma, I get the same curve!! Does Carma somehow take out all the EQ measurements? It's really wierd and makes no sense.
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Do any of your sub settings or switches turn the PEQ off ?

What sub do you have ?


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My Sub is an XTZ W12.18 passive, connected to an XTZ DSP Sub AMP. I haven't seen anyway of turning off the PEQ. Maybe there is I might contact XTZ tomorrow and ask.

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