Cargo Blu-Ray.

It's high up on my Blockbuster online rental list, only Blockbuster have stopped sending me discs for over a week now, because out of 25 possible titles they are having problems "allocating stock".

I'll let you know when I've seen it. I've heard good things about it and these days I prefer foreign language genre efforts, because they tend to be a lot more imaginative than Hollywood films.


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:confused::confused:. Not a good answer mate.:nono:

I like a film because i like it and it realy doesn't matter where it came from!

Also have you seen it????
I've never even heard of it but now you've pointed it out I'll be adding it to my Lovefilm rental list if it becomes available.


A review for this just appeared on blu-ray dot com...sounds positive except its missing German dts 5.1 master audio which German version comes with (UK Craptimum has LPCM 2.0). I have ordered the German version and will report back here once I've checked it out.
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