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Hello everyone.

So i've got my own Treadmill, Cross trainer, weights & bench. I've been working on my weight loss for the last month and noticing a difference but i've mainly done Cardio. I got some weights and a bench for Christmas and looking for the right balance.

I used to workout 3x a week usually with a day rest in-between. 1hour sessions on the treadmill and cross trainer - 30mins each or could be 20mins rotation until i've made up the hour. Been told this is not the best way to do things & it's best to cut down the session times but put in more work(faster running/jogging but less time).

With that being said, should I look at doing maybe 30-40mins cardio with weights in-between? Would this be more beneficial in the long run?



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Have a look at some of Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube. I've been following him for a few years and it does work.
During the first lockdown, I signed up to his 90 day plan and the workouts are between 20 and 35 minutes, that's easily enough if you really are pushing yourself.
I lost 5kg and gained a nice bit of muscle definition and tone.

You do a mixture of pure body weight cardio and weighted sessions. His videos on YouTube are free. He has some really good dumbbell full body sessions.

I would agree that an hour is too long. Are you really pushing yourself for an hour? Probably not if you're honest


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Have a look a metabolic conditioning (search Youtube for Met con workouts) - 30 mins, using weights, high reps with medium to heavy weights, to push your heart rate up - burns fat and builds muscle.

Joe Wicks, as mentioned, - use his dumb bell workouts. His kettelbells workouts are similar to the dumb bells so can be adapted ( or just buy more equipment that you'll ever need 😉)
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Obi Vincent


Paid programmes like;
Beachbody Muscle Burns Fat, Lift 4.
Dailyburn - Blackfire and Lift to Fail are good programmes. (I like not having to think or plan exercise!)

The key is to find someone you like (and can stand to watch 😄)

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Its all a science these days, but basically you can't go wrong with anything HIIT related.
Like others have said, between 20-30 min session is enough per day, with 1-2 days a week break, but it's got to be intense within those timeframes to be effective and also in conjunction with a good healthy eating plan. (note I didn't use the dreaded word 'diet')

I've used Joe Wicks stuff before, even his recent lockdown School exercise workouts are pretty good.
Combining weight and cardio into your HIIT routines will provide you with the best results for gaining muscle and losing the unwanted fat. Just start off light and build yourself up over the course of a few weeks to prevent injuries. I've been using both in my HIIT routines and notice I personally get the best results, especially after the unhealthy festive lulls. ;)

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