Cardale Garage Door/Smart Phone

Scott G

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Hi all,

Currently I have 2 X Cardale garage door openers operating on a 418Mhz frequency. Someone has lost the remotes... What I want to do is find some way to operate these using my iPhone. I was thinking of using a broadlink type device?

Any advice on the feasibility on this or other options would be appreciated.


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I think you will find for security reasons these garage remotes operate on a rolling code method, which can't be replicated by the broadlink devices. But I'm no expert.


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I definitely need to get one of these. I came on here after speakers & got sidetracked & now glad I did. I really must resist joining forums as it just gives me new ways of spending money on stuff I never knew existed lol. I might wait til I change my door though as think my cardale motor is getting a bit long in the tooth

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