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im having issues with my pc at the moment. its a compaq presario sr1000. i installed a preowned graphics card (PCIe) which was faulty so i switched back. problem is all i get now is 'no signal' on the monitor. ive had the pc on the desk with its clothes off and managed to get it working. until i clothe it and put it back down on the floor, then....'no signal' and i have to switch the power off at the wall as the comp freezes. this is really annoying. it leads me to believe that the card is loose and moves but its as secure as i can make it. any ideas. i was looking to buy a new card but if its the socket is there any point?


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could be many things, sure you haven't overlooked the fact that the monitor may need to be manually switched between differing inputs such as dvi/vga?
also was the sh gfx card confirmed faulty? maybe a mainboard or psu issue?.
If the pc successfully posts you will hear a single beep in the first minute of power on, after that it should still be able to switch off without being forced off also watch for the hdd indicator light to give any indication of os reading from hdd.


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i have tried two different monitors and both work fine, the card will work with them when the pc is on the desk without its case on so its not a matter of dvi/vga. the sh cards fan was faulty and caused to card to overheat after around a minute. and when the card fails (including not being able to turn off) nothing happens with the pc. the fan kicks in but thats it. its almost like it has crashed. i will try the card without the faceplate on tomorrow, see if that helps


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There is only one way to check and that's pull everything out and start again. Unless you have access to pat testing equipment to check the psu/case earth first.


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Maybe a duff lead?...try swapping them over.

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