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Im sure someone knows something about them here, but im wondering if i could connect the wires to something i could plug into a headphone jack, how would i do this?
OK your post leaves out alot of information. IF you could maybe "clarify" what you are exactly trying to do :).
im guessing the OP meant take the wire from a car sub and make a 3.5mm jack plug on the end to stick in to a headphone socket, possibly on a car stereo or on a home stereo, or mp3 player, dunno which.....

you could do that...wouldnt do bugger all tho im need to amplify the signal before it gets to the driver....or did u mean a car sub with a built in amp? in which case it might have some sort of phono input, in which case you can get a 3.5mm to phono adaptor...but unless you split this off to some midrange and tweeters as well, all you are likely to get is low end'll be missing most of the music....
yeah, i want to plug it into an mp3 player, i already have speakers and im gonna split the headphone jack on the mp3 player so i have speakers hooked up to one and im gonna have the sub to the other.
well, so long as the sub has an amp you should be fine......cant really see why it wouldnt work, only thing might be worth getting a crossover to limit the subs freq range to where the lowest of the normal speakers goes to...saves it doing work it doesnt need to :)

btw, there is an incar entertainment section of the forum, you might wanna repost this there just to get the perfect working on logic rather than knowledge here...
oh, i never saw that section, i'll repost and post my second q. thanks.

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