Car Subwoofer Dimensions

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    I am building a custom Subwoofer box for my car and have all the parts except the mdf to make the box, I am unsure what size it and the port should be for it to sound how it should.
    The drivers I have are X2 15" Pyle PLPW15D's.
    The area in the car I have to work with are:
    Width - 35"
    Height - 16"
    Top depth - 12"
    Bottom depth - 20"
    I have 2 depth's because I would like the back of the subwoofer to be angled against the backs of the rear seats to use up all available space, like a wedge shape on the back of the box.
    First of all I want to know if the measurements I have would be a good size for these drivers if not the height and depths can be adjusted slightly, secondly how big will the port have to be?
    Thanks for any help.

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