Car Stereo with MP3 IDV3v2 Info & Album Art Display


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Anyone know a Car Stereo with MP3 IDV3v2 Info & Album Art Display via a small LCD screen. Also like a USB flash drive interface on the front, and also DAB radio.

Anyone know a car stereo that ticks these options??

Thanks in advance chaps. :thumbsup:


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What's the module of your car? I know a online all-in-one car stereo store. They provide car stereo with builtin GPS bluetooth MP3 SD car extension and USB slot and etc. for special brand. What's more, the price is reasonable as I have purchased one there months ago:D
Here is the link Autodvdgps:oops:


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I've seen this company before... how were they to deal with for you?

I'm looking for this sort of product and had almost decided on another product (less features from a 'proper' brand, slightly cheaper)

Do you (or anyone else using the autoDVDGPS) product use the ipod control with it? if so, how is it? Does it have album/artwork displayed (as the original poster asked)?

Does the FM radio/RDS work here? (ru in the uk?!)

How is the product overall? And did you fit it yourself?


(Are you connected at all to the company?)


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from looking at the description, they don't have album art, and have very basic ipod control, ie video. if you are not too bothered about sat nav, alpine also do a double din version of the single din. Pioneer and Kenwood also do a double din with or without satnav. The Kenwood I have is DNX5220, it shows album art, but can be a bit pixalated, but has a nice scroll feature for song names, artists, etc, etc. The Pioneer has a better album art display, but does not have scroll feature for the song info.


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