Car Seat Back Supports (neck, shoulder pains) - any recommendations??

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Hi all,

Had to have a couple of days off work this week (as well as a rather expensive visit to the local Chiropractor) as I was suffering from some pain(s) in my shoulder blade/shoulder/neck. This has been a long running issue, and seems to have developed from my 'commute' from Stafford to Manchester everyday....that's at least 3 hours in the car every day, which coupled with my job involving some lifting of heavy boxes (25kg+) I think is probably the cause of my problems...

So, to cut this boring story short, I wondered if anyone could recommend a back support type product for use whilst driving?? Lower back seems OK, so I'm hoping for something that specifically targets the upper back/shoulder blades/neck areas if possible.

Thanks for reading, any comments/suggestions most welcome :thumbsup:

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